Following is a complete list of FF comics, with plot details of each issue.

Fantastic Four #579 (May 2010)Edit

"The Future Foundation": Faced with the death of imagination and growing pandemic of tomorrow fear, Reed Richards takes the future of discovery into his own hands. Think the world is a bad place, everything is going to hell, and the end times are surely around the corner? Try reading the World's Greatest Comic Magazine.

FF #1-? (March 2011-current)Edit

Issue # Title Author / Illustrator Publication Date
1 The Club Jonathan Hickman/Steve Epting March 2011
It's the FANTASTIC first issue of FF! A bold new direction for Marvel's First Family featuring new members, old friends, older enemies and uneasy alliances that will send shockwaves through the Marvel Universe. With stunning art work by Steve Epting and Paul Mounts, please join writer, Jonathan Hickman, on the second massive arc in the bold new direction for the 'World's Greatest Comic Magazine.'
2Doom Nation Hickman/Epting April 2011
The bold new direction for Marvel's First Family continues!
3 Title not yet released Hickman/Epting May 2011
What has become of the surviving members of the Council, loosed upon our world by Valeria? That's what Reed Richards and the new FF must now discover!