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pider-Man joined the FF in The Amazing Spider-Man #657[1]. He was asked by Johnny Storm to take his spot on the team in the off chance he died[2] [3]. Johnny died in Fantastic Four #587 [4].

History on the FFEdit

Spider-Man went to the Baxter Building in The Amazing Spider-Man #657[5] to talk to the remaining Fantastic Four about Johnny's recent death[6]. While there, they all reminisce about their adventures with Johnny. Afterwards, Reed Richards shows them the end of Johnny's hologram recording (All of the Fantastic Four had made videos to say goodbye in case they died), in which Johnny says he knows how hard Peter takes the death of family, and he was sorry for dying. "And that's what you are to me. Family." He goes on to say, "I'm leaving you the best thing I ever spot on this team. A place in this family." Peter agrees and joins the Future Foundation.

An inconsistency in continuity appears in Spider-Man's first mission with the FF. In The Amazing Spider-Man #658, he goes on a mission to fix three rifts in the space-time continuum[7]. In FF #1, they attempt to stop AIM from freeing the Wizard[8].